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Project Description
iXBRLAnalyst-VBA is an open source Excel Add-in for Windows and Mac that brings financial and stock market data provided by FinDynamics, Inc. into Excel.


iXBRLAnalyst-VBA is an open source project created and maintained by FinDynamics, Inc. for providing easy access to financial data in Excel. It offers a consistent user experience on both platforms, i.e. on Microsoft Excel for Windows (all versions above 2003) and for Mac (Office 2011).  iXBRLAnalyst Add-in includes new Excel functions for loading financial data from live databases maintained by FinDynamics, Inc, which specializes in providing high quality as reported financial data. Our Excel-focused platforms leverage the new reporting standard called XBRL.

Since many Finance professionals are familiar with and use extensively VBA for Excel, we decided to develop this open source project as a strictly VBA based Excel Add-in. We believe that the users will appreciate the ability to adapt this project to their specific needs and greatly benefit the advantages of FinDynamics data sets using XBRL. You are welcome and free to use, modify, and add new features to this project as expressed by GPLv2 license (see License page). We are looking forward to seeing contributions to the project from our user community. 

The original version of iXBRLAnalyst-VBA project includes three core functions XBRLFact, FinValue, and SharePrice that bring fundamental and stock market data into Excel. More functions and features could be added by users themselves or we may make additions dependent on users' requests and feedback. You may also use iXBRLAnalyst to connect to APIs of other data providers. Just follow the code templates provided in the project and make a proper acknowledgement of iXBRLAnalyst.

In order to enable the data access, users need to purchase one of the  subscription packages from FinDynamics, Inc. If you are looking for simple access to financial data and not requiring the Unlimited Data option, we recommend Lite package offered at a very attractive pricing.

Once installed, you can get financial data in Excel as follows:

Example Excel cell input
For Revenue of Microsoft in 2014-FY, use =FinValue("MSFT","[Revenue]","2014-FY")
For previous day closing Share Price, use =SharePrice("MSFT",Today()-1)
For XBRL concept Current Assets, use =XBRLFact("MSFT","AssetsCurrent","2014-FY")  

Installation on Windows

  1. Download iXBRLAnalyst.xlam file from DOWNLOADS page.
  2. We recommend saving it in the following folder (replace "user name" as required) 
    C:\Documents and Settings\"user name"\Application Data\Microsoft\Addins\
  3. To activate it, start Excel and then
    • Click the File tab, click Options, and then click the Add-Ins category.

    • In the Manage box, click Excel Add-ins, and then click Go. The Add-Ins dialog box appears.

    • In the Add-Ins available box, select the check box next to the add-in that you want to activate, and then click OK.

  4. For more details, review Microsoft's Online Help

Installation on Mac 

  1. Download iXBRLAnalyst.xlam file from DOWNLOADS page.
  2. Open Excel 2011. In the menu bar, click Tools and select Add-Ins.
  3. Click Select, navigate to the location where you have saved the Add-In and click Open.
  4. Select the Add-In from the list of Add-Ins Available and click OK.
  5. The Add-In will now appear in the Tools drop down menu in the menu bar.

Getting Started

In order to access financial data in Excel using iXBRLAnalyst, you need to have an active or trial subscription with FinDynamics, Inc. 

In Windows, you click Connect button on the new Ribbon iXBRLAnalyst and enter your username and password. On Mac, you click Tools -> iXBRLAnalyst menu and select Connect and enter your subscription details.

Once connected, we recommend loading some of our Financial Templates that demonstrate how to use new built-in functions for bringing financial data into Excel. In Windows, the templates can be loaded from the Ribbon. On Mac, you can find them under Tools -> iXBRLAnalyst menu. 

 Contributing to the Project

As an open source project built in VBA, iXBRLAnalyst Add-in will benefit from contributions, suggestions and feedback of its community of financial data users. We encourage you to leave comments in DISCUSSIONS, report ISSUES and contribute your VBA code to this project.

To modify the iXBRLAnalyst Add-in, just download iXBRLAnalyst.xlam file from DOWNLOADS page and edit it with the Visual Basic Editor in Excel. You can always start with adding more User-Defined functions (UDFs) by following the template of XBRLFact function located in the iXBRLAnalyst module under Modules folder. FinDynamics Inc. provides many API calls leveraging XBRL data that you can use in your own Excel functions. You are also free to add new Macros to the project.

Steps for contributing back to the source code:

  1. Use a Version control systems (VCS) such as Git and Fork this project to send pull requests.
  2. Export new or modified VBA modules (*.bas), forms(*.frm) or classes(*.cls) into individual files.
  3. Push them back into your branch of the project.

The main reason for maintaining individual files of the project rather than contributing a single xlam file is that this permits easy tracking and logical separation of different versions of iXBRLAnalyst Add-in.

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